Red Rose (Blood)


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     Author: Michael Kudo

     Publisher: Wilde City Press

     Rating: 4.5 stars

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     Type: Standalone Novella

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Blurb:  “I don’t like to be called an Assassin, I prefer the term problem solver.”

My name’s Alex. I’m an average guy. I kill people for a living. But don’t judge me.

I don’t take jobs on just anybody though. I only kill the really annoying people, like cheaters or abusers. So if you think about it, I’m actually doing God’s work—okay, maybe that’s stretching things a bit.

Other than the whole committing murder and trying to get away with it thing, my life is simple.

Well… except for the fact I’m in love with a fellow assassin who happens to be my mentor. I also have to make sure I’m careful when I’m on the job because if I ever fail…

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Whimsy Balderdash Drache

Last year I was shopping at a local Costco and as we were strolling down the aisles, a display of plush dragons caught my eye. Yep, me and dragons, it was like a kid at Petsmart when they have the pet adoption day.  (Which, by the way, I think is a wonderful way to find your furry best friend, it is how we found our big boy – but that is another story)

I really wanted a dragon.  Not just any dragon, mind you, but this lovely blue dragon with orange wings.  He was staring at me with those take me home with you eyes.  But being an adult, I resisted.  I snapped a photo and went on my way.

Whimsy blurredI know what you’re thinking, how could you leave him? Right?  Well, I lasted two days and had to go back.  I was afraid someone had taken MY dragon, but alas, it was meant to be.  He was still there, waiting patiently.

So I brought him home and had to think of a name befitting him.  One of my friends suggested Balderdash (thank you Will) and I was thinking Whimsy so…

IMG_2086He became Whimsy Balderdash Drache.  I was a very proud mama.  Yes, my family thought I was nuts – but really,they should have had this figured out by now ;-)

IMG_2094Whimsey helps with the gardening,

Fierce Whimsy wordsThis is Whimsy trying to pose like mom in her Gravatar image. He is so fierce.

He wanted to go to GRL with me last year but..

Whimsy B Drache is sadSo I took his photo with me and he had his picture taken with  Rhys Ford:

Rhys and Whimsy

She even gave him his own Sinner’s Gin Backstage Pass, which was very cool!

Whimsy Drache 1(Click on the photo to enlarge)  Then you can see the pass better and the awesome necklace is from Jordan L Hawk.  It has my favorite character from her Spectr series on it – Gray.  The pendant is the book cover of  Reaper of Souls  and the Sunshine button is from the fabulous Thorny Sterling.

I hate to tell him that I can’t fit him in my suitcase again this year but I will promise to bring back more swag.  :-)



News, Reviews and Giveaways 09-14-2014

Here we are again.  Another week has flown by – which means we are another week closer to GRL. Yay!

I just finished checking out this weeks posts and there are some great interviews, cover reveals, book reviews and give-aways coming from all three sites.  So many authors, so many books and just not enough hours in the day!   So mark you calendars,  set your reminders, what ever it takes so you don’t miss any of it.

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You know it’s Fall….

OK, I know it is not officially autumn yet.   It is usually summer like weather here until October and I remember a Christmas or two where it was warm enough for shorts.  This morning I woke to a wet and chilly 57F.  (I know – that is balmy for some of you but this is central Texas)

I immediately thought of this:


Then a friend posted a link to this on Facebook :

Pumpkin Spice Syrup The Messy Baker

I called the local Starbucks to ask if they were serving Pumpkin Spice lattes and the answer was Yes!  So, there you have it!  It’s officially Fall.  :-)



The Bible Boys by Dan Skinner

The Bible Boys by Dan SkinnerTitle: The Bible Boys
Author: Dan Skinner
Publisher: Cerberus Inc
Genre: M/M, Contemporary
Published: July 17th 2014
Word / page count: 125
Rating: 4.5


The Bible Boys touched a nerve as I was reading it. I recognize this type of church, been subjected to those narrow views and witnessed the hypocrisy first hand.  I felt angry and sad for the main character, Matthew.  Matthew has never known anything but the church and its restrictive teachings.  His parents have drunk the cool-aid and force Matthew to toe the line or feel the effects of Proverbs 13:24.
To make matters worse, Matthew is not handsome, no, he is pretty and being pretty in this particular environment just makes matters that much worse.  Matthew knows he is different in other ways too and he must keep these feelings hidden at all costs.  When Caleb and his family join Matthews church, he can’t help but sneak glances at the new boy but seeing as how Caleb seems to fit in with The Bible Boys (the churches boys youth group) he keeps his distance as he does with the rest of the congregation.  It is just safer that way.
The Bible Boys is more than a cautionary tale about radical fundamentalist beliefs and their effect on those who they see as different.  It is also a coming of age tale, about discovering ones sexuality, and finding love and hope for a better life when you least expect it.
I enjoyed this book as I have enjoyed all of Dan Skinner’s books.  He elicits a variety of emotions from me with each story he writes.  The ending of the story alluded to a better life for Matthew and felt hopeful, but I still had questions and wanted more.  I will admit that this is probably due to my inquisitive nature, although I suspect it is more to do with the talented author that was able to pull me deeply into his story and make me care for his characters.



If you have not read Dan Skinner’s books or are familiar with his photography, please follow the highlighted links and click on the book covers below.  He has become one of my favorite authors and his work is diverse and always captivating.

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News, Reviews and Giveaways September 07,2014

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It was almost a Red Dragon morning.

I mentioned that I have always loved dragons but I really found my inner dragon a couple of summers ago.  I was feeling distraught, well, really angry is more accurate.  I do not even remember  what I was angry about now, but I  remember feeling so strongly that I thought I could just breath fire.  This led me to looking for fire breathing dragon pics.

This was also the summer when we were having very severe wildfires in our area and people were losing everything they had.  A fire breathing dragon seemed vastly inappropriate.  Then I found this blue dragon.  I knew this dragon could represent my feelings, I imagined its fierce roar and intense glare.  It was the protector of a city and seemed perfect. I had found my inner dragon. Over the years my dragon has come to represent my fierce loyalty to my family and friends, a protector of those I love.


There are four of these dragons guarding each end of the Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.  To learn more click here: Dragon Bridge

The Red Dragon still shows up occasionally.  I kind of think of my dragons as weather warnings.  Like these flags. The Red Dragon falls some where around Storm and Hurricane.

Weather Signal Flags

The title to this blog post says it was almost a Red Dragon Day.  I do not sleep well and when I get woke up close to sunrise (my normal time to rise) I have a difficult time going back to sleep.  I was feeling pretty tired and red dragonish when I got up but I read a story on KJ Charles Facebook page:

This morning we were having breakfast when my husband, with a mouthful of food, suddenly and violently needed to sneeze. He leapt up from the table and ran for the door, too late, sneezed hugely. The cat levitated in fright and also shot for the door, sending its full water bowl flying, going straight between Mr KJC’s legs, sending *him* flying, so he trod on the full food bowl and dry cat food exploded like shrapnel around us while he tripped and fell out of the door.

The kids sat there staring at the wreckage of cat, father and kitchen in a bewildered way. I have only just stopped laughing.“

My frown melted away and I started laughing and it completely changed my outlook for the day.  If you have not read her books and like m/m historical romance – you must!  She is wonderful.  You can find her website here: kjcharles You can also find her Facebook.  She has a sharp wit and a delightful sense of humor.

If you are still wondering about that Red Dragon.  It has gone back in it’s cave where it is sleeping amongst it’s treasure and grumbling that it wasn’t given any new bones to crunch.

May you find joy and laughter in your day.