Announcing The NEW Black Dog Blues Magical Mystery Tour


Happy dance! Awesome book and fun giveaways! Win-Win!

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Starting tomorrow, we will be rolling out a BRAND NEW Black Dog Blues tour! Now, this one’s going to be something a little different. There will be GIVEAWAYS! *cue echoing sound effect* Tour begins Jan 28th and ends Feb 7th.

On EVERY stop of this tour, ONE chosen entrant will be sent an 18 inch red dragon plushie…which doubles as a pillow! But really, I’ve found when you put them in pillow mode, it’s kind of like cat summoning because felines love to lie on them. Even if you aren’t OWNED by a cat, there will be a cat. Pillow at your own risk.


Now, on each stop of the tour, there will be monster trading cards. THOSE are what you want. Collect them all… or as many as you can because on the FEB 7th, I will be posting a list of questions based on the monster’s trading card…

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Dirty Rings from Rhys Ford


These are great! Love Claudia. ;-)

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So a funny thing happened on the way to a tweet, Greg Tremblay, the fantastic narrator of my Dirty series, texted me and said… hey, you should giveaway a custom ringtone. Or something to that effect. There was some discussion. A few emails and then well, long story short—there may have been some pixilated shots of whiskey and banter but a plan was formed. A plan so cunning I could have stuck a tail on it and called it a weasel.

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Throw back Thursday. Way Back

I grew up with my grandparents. They were wonderful people.  We would take vacations that were quick trips from point A to point B in the most expedient way possible.  I never knew it was because money was tight.  It always felt like an adventure with bottled soda, peanuts, summer sausage, cheese and crackers. We would make touristy stops along the way to take touristy photos.  It was fun and I loved it.  I also appreciate it more now than I did when I was fifteen years old.  I miss them very much. This is why I love captured moments.  Nothing artistic or special about these snapshots except for the people in them and the memories they hold. These are from a trip to Oregon with my grandparents in 1976.

Me  New Mexico sign  me and T-rex 1976   Mountains and golden grass edit

me welcome to AZ sign  view of look out grand canyon 2 edit  view of look out grand canyon edit

me back and Pa side grand canyon  me camera grand canyon  Grannie and Pa 1976

Bear at Hoover Dam 1976 edit  Hoover Damn 2 1976  Me by redwood sign 1976   me and Pa Welcome to Oregon the beach Oregon 1976 edit  me and Pa on the beach editGrannie on the beach Oregon 1976