M/M Holiday Delights Reading List 2014

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The M/M Holiday Delights 2014 Reading List is here.  I know we are still approaching Thanksgiving here in the States but it is never too early to get your holiday reading list together.

There are forty-five authors listed with multiple titles for many.  I also included links to some anthologies – two at Carina Press and of course, the Dreamspinner advent Calendar. (Which was another reason to post now as their discount ends November 25, 2014)

There are other anthologies sprinkled through out the list under individual authors names.  You will find buy links to every title on the list, either linked to the cover or written as a url link. ( There is one Anthology Comfort and Joy that does not have a buy link yet and is set to be released this December.  I will post the link as soon as it becomes available)

Some listed are old favorites and some are new for this holiday season.  I am positive you will find something to brighten your holidays.

Click here to go to the M/M Holiday Reading list 2014

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Guest Post and Giveaway: Boughs of Evergreen – A Holiday Anthology For A Cause


This is what I was hinting about on the News, Reviews and Giveaways post on Sunday. Check out this wonderful Holiday anthology, buy and help a great cause. <3

Originally posted on The Novel Approach :

Boughs of EvergreenHolidays, don’t you just love holidays? The warmth, the abundance of food, the traditions, the love. That’s maybe the most important thing—the love. Holidays bring friends and family together,everyone is basking in the warm acceptance, the understanding, the unconditional love. No? No, I dare say that’s not always the case. For Simon in From All of Us to All of You holidays are something to dread.

Two days had passed since the disaster in Hannes’ hallway; only four anxiety-free days to go. That was a lie, of course. People were already getting into their holiday cheer, which in turn spiked my anxiety. I hated holiday cheer, but I tried to be polite about it. Every time someone would wish me a Merry Christmas, I would shudder, but smile, and wish them one in return.

“I really didn’t understand why we put ourselves through it. All these expectations only led to…

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Wild Turkey by Rhys Ford


A Thanksgiving treat! Check out Wild Turkey by Rhys Ford at It’s About The Book. :-)

Originally posted on It's About The Book:


I’m always curious about how fictional characters spend the holidays.  Who is surprisingly festive and who is surprisingly… not?  Rhys Ford was kind enough to write a Thanksgiving ficlet about the abundant and gregarious Morgan family.  I was not surprised Miki hid out with a bottle of hootch, but he did manage to surprise me.  Brigid and I are very thankful. ~ FayeHKThanksgiving

“Them downstairs? They’re fucking loons.” Damien shivered as he plopped down next to Miki, nudging his best friend over so he had space on the bean bag nest Miki’d made against a dormer window. “Mad as fucking hatters, the lot of them.”

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Amy Lane – Coming Attractions (and a bit of fangirling)

I readily admit that I am an Amy Lane fan.  I love her writing and I think she is a pretty darn nice person too.  ( I had the opportunity to meet her at the last two GRL conferences) – Ah, fangirl moments. lol

Beneath The Stain Amy LaneI am sitting here writing this blog wearing my Outbreak Monkey t-shirt (for those of you that are not Amy Laniacs – this is from her book, Beneath the Stain) Her stories vary from contemporary to fantasy.  I love her for her “feels” books.  Even her tag line is “Angst and Pain – Amy Lane”. Really – you can get the t-shirt : Amy Lane Cafe Press Store  Although I know I may have my heart broken and have to buy stock in a tissue company, I know she will give me a happy ending, at least so far.   ;-)

But that is not why I am writing this post.  Mostly I want to share a bit of what is happening with her at the moment. From her blog Yarning to Write she shared that she has several books coming out. I will most likely read them all.  I have her two holiday books pre-ordered and sometime during my holiday reading extravaganza, I will also re-read one of my favorite books by her, Sidecar.  I love that book!Sidecar by Amy Lane book cover






In the meantime, here is a link to her Coming Attractions:

Amy Lane My mothers plotbunny-eating Dragon






Happy Reading,


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The Working Elf Blues by Piper Vaughn

The-Working-Elf-Blues-300x450 Title:
The Working Elf Blues
Piper Vaughn
Less Than Three Press
Release Date:
December 16,2014
Approx. 13,500 words or 54 pages
Contemporary Fantasy
Five snowflakes
Garnet Evergreen has never heard of an elf abandoning the North Pole for a human, but he yearns to be the first. Ever since he saw Wes, the boy with sorrowful eyes, Garnet felt an undeniable kinship. Over the years, he’s watched that boy grow into a man, and now he’s determined to give Wes a Christmas he’ll never forget. If only Garnet had thought to test his father’s sleigh before leaving…

Orphaned as a child, Wes spends every Christmas alone at his cabin. When he’s woken by a suspicious boom and finds a wrecked sleigh and an unconscious elf, he doesn’t know how to react. Wes isn’t fanciful. He doesn’t give much credence to the stories about Santa Claus and flying reindeer. But a part of him wants desperately to believe when Garnet promises forever, even if life has taught him that no one ever stays…

The Working Elf Blues is a new holiday novella from Piper Vaughn. She graciously provided a copy for my honest review.

I love holiday themed books. They are a big part of how I celebrate the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. It is a time of hot chocolate, warm snuggles under the blankets and, of course, a good book with a happy ending. I must say, this story met my holiday reading requirements.

The story revolves around Garnet, an elf with a penchant for breaking the rules and Wes, a man that has had a difficult past. When Garnet was a boy he snuck onto Santa’s sleigh one Christmas eve. When they stopped at one house, Garnet felt drawn to a room where he found a young boy with sorrowful brown eyes. After that meeting, Garnet could not help but sneak back every five years to see him again.

Wes has had his share of loss and although he is doing well now as an adult, he doesn’t allow himself to become hopeful. He knows it is all too easy to lose those you love.

When Wes is awoken by a loud sound and goes to investigate, the last thing he expects to find is a crashed sleigh and a young man dressed like an elf, complete with pointed ears. He takes the unconscious young man back to his cabin and realizes this is the same man that he has seen twice before in his life.

The author does a lovely job of bringing us the back-story of these two men and how their lives have intertwined throughout the years. I enjoyed that the way life at the North Pole was not really so different from the human world – at least in love and loss. Garnet is a great character. He is a bit of a rule breaker and follows his heart. There is a cute scene where Garnet explains how he knows so much about Wes that had me chuckling. Wes, for all that he has endured, finds he still is able to have hope because of Garnet, and is willing to take a risk and live in the present. They complement one another and it is fun seeing their feelings for each another grow.

The story is short but it is well developed, sweet and filled me with holiday cheer. There is no on page sex and only a tiny amount of angst. The ending is just beautiful.

Recommended for your holiday reading delight.

Pre-order links:

tumblr_static_5jniz6jyt7s4ogks0sswgw04c(Pre-order now at 15% off!)



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A Prism Book Alliance Review: Unwrapping Hank by Eli Easton ~ Book Review by Lirtle

Good Morning (again)  Catching up on the blogs I follow this morning before I dash off to work.  Here is another Holiday Delight – new release from Eli Easton, reviewed by Lirtle at Prism Book Alliance. :-)


Unwrapping Hank by Eli Easton

The Miracle on Mistletoe Lane by Derrick Knight ~ Book Review by Brandilyn at Prism Book Alliance

Good Morning!  Check out this review of one of the new releases for the holiday reading season from Brandilyn over at Prism Book Alliance.  :-)



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News, Reviews and Giveaways 11-16-2014

November is here and for those of us in the U.S., Thanksgiving is in  11 days.  Life gets hectic this time of year but can also be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to having some down time to catch up on all my holiday reading. (I am very optimistic).

I have my holiday book list just about up to date. There are some wonderful new holiday titles coming out this year and I have also found some older titles that I am adding that I found while researching.  There should be something for everyone. I will be posting them alphabetically with buy links and sometimes reviews.

I just finished checking out this weeks posts and there are some great interviews, reviews and giveaways coming from these great sites.

The Novel Approach is having a special Holiday post on Friday, You really need to check it out! (Hint – It’s for a good cause).  Also, Joyfully Jay will be reviewing holiday titles on Monday and Tuesday and Prism Book Alliance is also reviewing several holiday titles this week.

You can look forward to these plus a whole lot more. So many great books, author interviews and give-aways.  Whew!  So mark you calendars,  set your reminders, what ever it takes so you don’t miss any of it.

Click on the logos below to find out what fun things you can expect this week from these great blogs!

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